Here are a few happy customers who have found great results with TexaClear products.

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The only thing that works!

I share info about this company with everyone that is allergic to Texas!!!

This really seems to help

I have been taking this on a daily basis...sometimes I forget but when I do take it, it really seems to help my congestion and allergies. I hope it keeps working!

Does the job

This stuff is amazing. I live in Georgia - just relocated here. Allergies were off the chain but TexaClear took care of it.

Nice to find something that works!!

The best allergy relief since moving to Texas!

I have tried many allergy pills and sprays since moving to Texas a few years ago. This is the only thing that has helped me! So much so that I've been telling all my friends about it. Great job!

It works

Coming from another state, nothing worked. I tries TexaClear and within two days I could breath a d my sneezing stopped. Love it!!!

Fast acting tablets

The first tablet that I took worked on my sinuses very well. my nose drip stopped

life saving!

Love your product my son and I use it everyday, I am a Dental Hygienist & I recommend it to all my friends & patients daily.

As advertised!

After using the drops for about 4 weeks most of my symptoms of allergies of disappeared. Still have a touch of drainage after 2 months but working at about 98%. I would definitely recommend these drops.

The only thing that helps me in Texas!

Have used several of the products - only thing that makes my time in Texas tolerable!!! Have shared these products and company with many others.

Wow, seeing results

I tried this with hesitation, but I am really finding relief from all the issue surrounding my allergies this year! Thanks!

It Works!

TexaClear is the only thing in the world that works for me! I have to stock up on TexaClear every allergy season so I have enough to get through.




My allergies have been horrible, this stuff works great with just 1-2a day!! Thank ya'll so much!!!

Life Altering

I was to the point where I was considering allergy shots, but I wanted to try something a bit less drastic. I assumed it would take a few weeks to work, but in about a day I saw improvement. I've not needed eye drops, nasal sprays, or antihistamines since I started this. Absolutely awesome!

Energy back

I was to the point of just laying on the couch. After 2 days head cleared up energy back. Praise the Lord for this product.

Finally getting sleep

I really get a restful night sleep after taking a small dose of this medicine. I recommend it to anyone that has difficulty going to sleep.

Best allergy relief

I only use Texas clear now. Within 20-30 minutes all my allergy symptoms are gone. I haven’t noticed any side effects just relief. Been using this product for 2 years. Thanks

Allergy relief without the side effects.

Traditionally December through March are rough months for my seasonal allergies. I take over the counter allergy meds that cause my head to be so dry that my nose bleeds and my mouth is uncomfortable with the dryness. In desperation I began taking 3 doses of Texas Clear, cedar fever per day in late December and am thrilled to report that though I sneeze a few times a week, my allergies are at least 90% better than with no allergy meds and I have NO dryness caused by the OTC meds. I am into month three, and I’m hopeful I’ve found the answer to my seasonal allergies but so far I’m very happy.

Saved my life

Since starting your products, I have been feeling better with less severe symptoms during allergy season. I am so grateful for your products. Thank you so much for putting this product for people like me. I would love for y'all to please put more products for children. My granddaughter would love a chewable or gummy.

Absolutely works!

*this is not a promotional review*
I struggle to breathe every year when cedar hits. These drops are a lifesaver and keep me out of the Drs office. I bought multiple so everyone in my house has their own bottle. Order some! No regrets here.


This stuff works better than anything I have ever tried. I am 74 years old and have tried just about everything.

Allergy drops

These drops really help me get through the “allergy” season. They are easy to use.

We’ve been using Texaclear cedar fever drops for a while now and although the allergens still bother us it has significantly improved our symptoms. I recommend to everyone!