Here are a few happy customers who have found great results with TexaClear products.

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Great Products

Love the allergy meds, they really work. The Sleep med has helped me tremendously.

Great !

Seems to be giving me relieve from my Texas Airborne Allergies !!!

A true blessing for my allergy symptoms

Since using these products, my allergy symptoms are more under control than previous years. Thanks for producing these products and they are very affordable. Both the drops and pills helps my body feel relief from my severe allergy symptoms. Awesome products. Thank you thank you thank you.

Ohmygosh, Texaclear is the BEST!

I worked at a major grocery chain in Texas a few years back. Took another allergy pill each day. One day, when the pollen was up, I felt so sick to my stomach! A co-worker told me to try the single shot (by the check-out), so I did. I could feel it taking away my nausea. I bought the larger bottle, and used it when those symptoms returned.

Moved to Kansas. Brought some with me, and it works like a miracle. I ordered some last year, and am about to place another order, and believe I will order a bottle for our Priest!

I love Texaclear! And I am grateful for your product! God Bless you! -Dawn

Goodbye allergies

I got the TexaClear All Season Homeopathic Allergy Drops for my husband. It took about 2 days to kick in and now he does not leave the house without taking a few drops. The taste is not bad and even it was, it's worth having a good day.

Fast acting and worth every penny!

Started using this when we lived in Austin and were near many HEBs to be able to purchase. When we made the decision to move, we were very relieved there was an option to purchase online. Works wonderfully!!

Simply the best!

This is the best allergy med my family has used, ever, hands down! Please don’t stop making or change this product!

I was taking Allegra 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. After I started using Texas Clear I'm only taking 1 Allegra now


I have used this product for about 8 days along with a few other homeopathic products and believe or not I am seeing improvement! I have allergy induced asthma AND exercised induced asthma plus I'm allergic to dander (my dog is hypoallergic but when he gets dirty my allergies respond). I live in Las Vegas, and over the last few months I have experienced challenges and had to use an Inhaler (you know the one with steroids'). I'm a vegan and pretty much try to stay away from ANY pharma meds but I had no choice. Long story less long, I decided to research more natural homeopathic solutions after gaining 15 lbs!! I finish this review with the disclaimer, I am not a doctor and anyone with asthma - or extreme allergies (can not breathe easily when triggered) should consult their own medical doctor before changing any regimen or prescriptions they are on.
I have seen great relief- I am pleased with this product thus far and plan to Buy several more bottles to have everywhere I may need it (car, purse, travel kit, exercise bag). Good luck.

Will buy again

It works so well I will keep on purchasing. Helps with sinus issues.

Long lasting relief

These have been a life saver. One pill will give me long last relief pretty quick after I take one. It usually last about 24-48 hours each time I take one. Really do love this product.

It works!

By far, the best allergy pill I've tried. And I have tried a lot! It's fast-acting and actually lasts all day for me. We have severe allergies in Austin, so this has been a God-send!

works for me

Texas Clear works better for me than anything I have tried

Relief at last

I have been taking every over the counter allergy medication that worked only for a short time. While I still take my 24hr allergy pill I have definitely noticed better breathing and less to no effects while taking this medication. I can now go outside in the high dirt and winds without having the severe reaction I used to. Thank you Tex A Clear

Good nights sleep

Finally a good nights sleep after using TexaClear


Use both drops and tablets plus a prescription Maasai spray for 2weeks. Excellent results! Spencer G

Allergies go away

Just started taking Texas Clear, I have to say the best I have taken a lot of allergy meds and sprays. And this is the best I can breathe and sleep of a night. Thank you Texas Clear for my new allergy medicine,,,,.. Lynn


Unfortunately got sick at the sister in-laws in Austin. My allergies were going crazy so went to HEB and saw Texaclear and thought I would give it a shot. Wow works amazing clearing me up! Won’t use anything else now! To bad there’s not an HEB close to my house, but buying it online.

easy and it works

easy, fast, product works. easy to place order, received order in timely manner and the products work. thank you!

love this product

both my cousin and I are using these drops and even the tablets. My cousin is not able to use other over the counter medications because of heart problems and these drops actually help...wonders or wonders...if you need or want something that is not an over the counter drug, then this is one to buy.

Fantastic product

I recently purchased this product and so thankful it's available. I find the allergies debilitating and I experience relief with this.

I tried it and it really works!

I have finally found real relief.I am 73yrs old. I have had seasonal allergies all my life.I have tried every allergy pill on the market and have even tried allergy injections without relief.this is the 1st week of TexaClear and i am asymptomatic.I am one of many people allergic to every tree in texas and many other things.I am so greatful to be able to have some relief.There are others in my family that will be able to benefit also from this medication. Thank you so much.I am sold on TexaClear.


Best allergy medicine ever. It works fast and covers every grass, weed, tree I have encountered in Houston and the Hill Country.

Has been working great for me,thank you!

Really works well

This allergy medicine works so well and so quickly.