Here are a few happy customers who have found great results with TexaClear products.

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It works!!!

After trying many different allergy meds for my son, we finally found one that not only is specific to Texas allergies but most importantly doesn’t cause unwanted side effects.


Was not sure they would work but gave them a try because the Sinus pain medicine worked well. Seemed to help with breathing.

It’s been 3 weeks since I started the tablets and they are relieving all my symptoms. I am very pleased with the tablets

Best allergy medication I've ever used and I've used quite a few over the years

Great allergy medications

Never been able to take OTC allergy meds. No problem taking Texas Allergy. Thanks for making this great product.

Works wonders

These drops are wonderful for your allergies. I had been taking prescription drops and they weren’t working. These are the best!

Game Changer

I have suffered from allergies since I was 16, now 45 and sick pretty much year around. Each year they get worse and I have tried just about every product on the market with OK results. Texas Clear is short of Magic for me! I will never not have this on hand!

Works great

My childs eyes stopped itching so much and she also stopped sneezing as bad 2 to 3 days after taking this product.

Great for Allergies

This medicine is great for allergies and fast acting.

Review of product...

I'll start with this. Both my Wife and I (today is our 43rd Anniversary)... have allergy problems in our area. My Wife experiences worse spells than I. We started using TexaClear® All Season + Cedar Homeopathic Allergy Drops a few years ago. After a while, we both has less problems with allergy attacks. We were in a much better situation... kinda in a groove. Grooves are sometimes not so good... as was the case in our situation. I forgot to order or pick up the product and stopped using it. A few years of good relief was both our experience. However, this year, the allergies hit me... like prior to use of your TexaClear® All Season + Cedar Homeopathic Allergy Drops. I immediately, purchased some and restarted the regimine. All clear now and it seems to be working again. I will pay better attention and never, ever forget to order my TexaClear® All Season + Cedar Homeopathic Allergy Drops.

They absolutely work for us.

Love This

This product delivers as promised. It has helped with my allergies a lot. Cedar Fever is no longer an issue for me!

Love This

This product delivers just like promised. I have been using the Cedar Fever for a month now and have noticed a huge improvement. Only need it once a day now.

Good product

I have just finished my 1st bottle and have not had problems with runny, itchy eyes. It's been a long time since I haven't had this problem. I believe it's because this allergy relief extract works against the pollen in my area. I live in West Texas where the dirt and wind blow. All you can do is give it a try.

Great product

Works better than any other allergy medicine I have tried. Doesn’t have a bad taste. I would recommend and I will continue to have this stocked in my house

It just works

Very much helped with my allergies.

Help my allergies

Texas Clear has helped me get some relief from my daily allergy problem. Its been very good for me.

Love it!

Easy to take, acts quickly, relieves congestion and pressure. Works great for allergy relief.


We're new to the state of Texas and as soon as Spring hit our allergies were out of control! None of our usual go to meds were working. I saw a Tik Tok video on these bad boys and decided to try them out. SO GLAD I took that chance! It took a full week to kick in but 2 a day has been a life saver! No more runny nose, constant sneezing, congestion or itchy eyes!!!!

Good stuff

Best allergy medicine on the market.

Game changer

I was taking 4 different prescription allergy meds and still suffering almost to being debilitating. I tried TexaClear homeopathic drops and it's like getting my life back. Crazy but I take 10 drops three times a day and sometimes the allergy relief syrup before bed and no other meds. I feel great, no brain fog. So grateful to find this.

Great Product

This is the only allergy medicine that works for my husband. It is easy to take and this company provides very quick shipping as well as great prices!

Excellent Allergy Relief

Texaclear has relieved my runny nose and upper chest congestion, with the first pill I felt the changes. Better yet, l have a friend here in North Texas who came from Chicago 3 years ago. She was having a miserable allergy ridden day this past Saturday, runny nose, watery,itchy eyes, and a sinus headache that felt like a migraine. I took her Texaclear Sunday afternoon. She looked miserable. She took the first pill at 2. As we were talking, she looked at me, wide-eyed at 2:55 and said her headache was gone! She felt 100% better! Fast, effective, miraculous. Thank you Texaclear! Anyone suffering from allergies in Texas needs this product! Get it now and feel the relief.

Great Allergy Relief

This really helps my kids with their seasonal allergies. No adverse side effects, it really works, and no complaints about taste. Highly recommend!

Talking about it

I can't shut up about this stuff. This whole pollen season it was a morning ritual for my kiddo and I to take one Claritin and one Sudafed, and then a spoonful of local honey to combat our awful allergies. Then I heard about TexasClear and thought I'd give it a go. After a week I stopped taking the Sudafed. And the next week I completely stopped the Claritin . I slowly upped my dosage from 10 drops once a day, to 12, then 13, then 15. I still only do the once a day but I swear to you I have ZERO allergies!! No itcy eyes or nose, no watery eyes or nose. Nothing! I've already spread the word to so many friends. Why suffer when you don't have to? 10/10 HIGHLY recommend. The price is wonderful, I love that it's homeopathic and not a whole bunch of chemicals, not to mention it tastes very pleasant! My kid doesn't complain about taking it at all! I started him with hf an adult dose of 5 drops and only once a day, and now he does 7 max. Well leave it at that because he feels wonderful. Thank you so much for this brilliant product!

No sniffles

Sure helps breathing !