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Great product

The drops sure helped with my allergies

10 out of 10 best ever.

I woke up two days ago, thinking that I was coming down with strep or the flu… turns out oak pollen entered the chat and I thought I was on my deathbed… one of my clients told me about this product, so I immediately went to H-E-B to get it… I am amazed that in less than 24 hours I am experiencing relief. My boyfriend is also amazed at how amazing this product works. I love that it’s specific for Texas allergies and I love that it’s homeopathic so there’s not any gross chemicals in it. My father is a pharmacist, and I showed him this product with its ingredients, and he is very interested in trying it, so I’m excited to give him a bottle because he suffers with allergies like I do. If you live in Texas and you have big allergy problems, you need this product, you need it. It works.


This is a dream come true for all of us living in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas where there are sooooo many allergies! TexaClear has kept us from getting sick. I tell EVERYONE about these wonderful pills. All of my friends LOVE them!!! God bless you folks!!!!!

Effective relief from allergy symptoms

Texas is known for cedar tree allergy, though it also affects other states as well including Alaska and Florida.
I find instant relief when the onset of symptoms begin such as watering eyes and sneezing when taking Texaclear. Thanks for this natural product, I highly recommend. X - @herbalsteve

effective symptom treatment

Texaclear really helps with the sinus pressure and congestion - one of the only OTC "medicines" I've found that helps and this is from someone who deals with lots of sinus issues. Just happened to find this last year when staying in TX and so happy to have found some relief!

Chewable Allergy Relief WOW!!

First, I’ve been through all allergy remedies with an allergist doctor and I’ve don’t shots, pills and even a nasal surgery!! I would wake up sneezing uncontrollably, itching nose and eyes and ears and throat, my ears even swelled up with bleeding and when I tell you this product has completely STOPPED ALL of that!!!!! The day I walked into HEB and found this, I took 1 and it instantly stopped my uncontrollable sneezing fits within 5 minutes ever since I started taking it now I don’t have fits anymore only sneeze maybe 3 times throughout the day compared to 300! Lol. Second, I cannot swallow any pills so this being chewable is right up my alleyway!! This being all natural is a huge plus for me as well everything makes me sick but my stomach tolerates this very well. Thank you so much for this product! I highly recommend! 100 stars !! ⭐️

Great Product

I stopped my expensive prescription drops and started these drops. They work wonders.

The best!

Truly thenonly allergy medicine that works! I love all Texaclear products!

Relief at last

TexaClear is the only thing that works. I'm so happy.. and so are the people I have recommended TexaClear to.


Texaclear is the only allergy medicine my husband and myself will take!!! It’s so amazing!!!

Best acting allergy medicine I found

Amazed that these drops worked so well

For several years my Husband and I made trips to and from the DFW area where my son & daughter in law and my sister live. Every time, spring and fall, i would always return home with a bad sinus infection. 2 years ago, my DIL offered me the use of TexaClear All Season Homeopathic Allergy Drops. Although they didn't work immediately, I did get some relief so I purchased to continue use. Last fall, I made the round trip without having the sinus infection. I have continued to use at home during high pollen days and have had success keeping allergies at bay. This late summer, I ran out and had some difficulty finding this product. I have been in trouble with my allergies this fall for that reason. I did finally find the product and have once again started having success. I live in southeast Kansas and this product works for allergies here too. Hopefully, you will not stop providing and I won't have trouble finding in the future.

It’s acting and it works

Best I have found!

I've suffered horrible, nearly year round, "seasonal" allergies my whole life. Ragweed, Cedar, & Grasses. I went through every medication/solution available including the shots. None seemed to help, most made me feel worse! Eventually I discovered drops which helped me more than anything previously tried. But these are the best thing I have ever found! I prefer these chewable tabs over drops. There are no negative side effects like with some other type allergy medications. Wish I had found them sooner!

Fast and effective

It works fast, and it's effective at relieving my back pain.

The only thing that works!

I share info about this company with everyone that is allergic to Texas!!!

TexaClear® All Season + Cedar Homeopathic Allergy Drops
Deana Mason

Love them!

This really seems to help

I have been taking this on a daily basis...sometimes I forget but when I do take it, it really seems to help my congestion and allergies. I hope it keeps working!

Does the job

This stuff is amazing. I live in Georgia - just relocated here. Allergies were off the chain but TexaClear took care of it.

Nice to find something that works!!

The best allergy relief since moving to Texas!

I have tried many allergy pills and sprays since moving to Texas a few years ago. This is the only thing that has helped me! So much so that I've been telling all my friends about it. Great job!

It works

Coming from another state, nothing worked. I tries TexaClear and within two days I could breath a d my sneezing stopped. Love it!!!

Fast acting tablets

The first tablet that I took worked on my sinuses very well. my nose drip stopped

life saving!

Love your product my son and I use it everyday, I am a Dental Hygienist & I recommend it to all my friends & patients daily.

TexaClear® All Season + Cedar Homeopathic Allergy Drops
Donald Welchel
As advertised!

After using the drops for about 4 weeks most of my symptoms of allergies of disappeared. Still have a touch of drainage after 2 months but working at about 98%. I would definitely recommend these drops.