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Even when something in theory only works for eight hours. Who in their fight mind would not enjoy eight hours with no runny nose, itching eyes etc.
I love these little pills! They work for me.

Helped with cedar fever!

I have been suffering with allergies since moving to Texas. Texas Clear certainly gave me relief. I will be seeing an allergist as I believe I have more serious issues. Thank you for a great product though!

Really Works

I am pleasantly surprised how well this works for me in the Hill Country.

True results

I have recently moved to North Texas and quickly became a sufferer of the Cedar Fever. TexaClear makes good on its promise of symptom relief and non-drowsy formula.

I do allergy shots and it's not working for me, but since ordering texasclear allergy drops sinuses have stop draining would recommend this product.

Best allergy meds EVER

My husband and I both suffer seasonal allergies and these products help us better than prescribed meds ever did.

It actually works

Having been a sufferer of allergies for so many years, I had honestly given up hope. I combine the cedar remedy with the trees, weeds and grasses treatment… nothing has ever stopped my drainage like this has. My lungs would get so filled with dripping sinuses that I would catch pneumonia. I have been on this stuff for about a week and I am 100% better and I’m getting better every day. Don’t hesitate in buying!

Best allergy relief

Highly recommend!!!!!


I’m very sensitive to mountain cedar and tried so many things for relief but this product truly helps calm it down to almost no symptoms! So glad I decided to try it!

Great product!

Worked great, does exactly as stated.

A must-have!

This is a must-have for Texas residents.

Cedar Drops

They really helped me, after 2 doses I could already tell a difference

I needed this a long time ago.

I'm from Louisiana. Didn't suffer allergies until I moved to Texas. Medicines, shots, Neti pots/saline -- I've tried it all. These drops have changed my life. I tried the drops when I received them. The next morning, no congestion or nose blowing 10 times or more! I'm sold! This stuff is legit!


Seemed to help my sneezing and watery eyes. I have tried allergy shots, allegra, benadryl, zyrtec, and many.others.

Fast relief of allergy coughing and sneezing without all the chemicals

Works faster than any pill for allergy relief. It really works.


It’s been the only thing that we have been able to find that helps these crazy allergies where we live. I have given samples to 4 of our friends who have all ordered already as well. I wish it came in a 24 hour pill, but for now, the 8 hour is just fine.


I'm from out west so naturally I'm allergic to everything in texas haha but I love it here and texas clear has made enjoying the beautiful piney woods much easier!

Works very well and there is no feeling of drowsiness. Was getting cedar fever with constant sneezing runny nose and itching eyes that drove me crazy. Now I have pretty much forgot all of the symptoms as they are gone.

Cecdar Fever Finally Solved

Ever since moving to the Hill Country - I have been sneezing and had watery eyes from "cedar fever" -- using TexaClear drops has solved this for me. Very grateful!!!

Finally a relief

I've had nonalergic rhinitis for year. I've tried everything from prescription drugs to what ever else available. I didn’t sleep at night with the constant congestion and mucus. After using Texaclear I finally have relief. I sleep at night. Ni more hacking and coughing. I do have rare occasions of mild congestion but nothing like I had before.

Best Allergy Product Ever

I ran across an advertisement on this product and I had tried everything over the counter to help with my allergies and nothing gave me relief as quickly and as extended as TexaClear. Not only does it keep my allergies under control, I no longer have the sinus infections that I dealt with year round. I recommend this product to everyone that mentions allergy problems to me. I'll never waste my money on any other allergy medication. It is totally awesome!

Works great!!!

I tried the liquid Texaclear and it cleared my sniffles, so I ordered the tablets and I love it.

Great product

Love its simplicity and not a bunch of extra dye or unknown ingredients.


So far, I really do like this. I live in central Texas and there is a lot of pollen and cedar. This product seems to do the trick. I will be ordering more.

Works great!

This is a great product for any allergies I have developed!