What’s The TexaClear® Allergy Relief Difference?


What makes TexaClear Allergy Relief Different


Navigating the medicine aisle during allergy season can be a daunting task. With hundreds of options promising relief—liquids, pills, sprays, and drops—it can be difficult to choose the right allergy medicine. Not all medicines are designed to treat the same symptoms nor do they have the same ingredients. And many over-the-counter allergy medicines take two doses to reach maximum effectiveness. TexaClear® Allergy Relief offers a clean, clear choice for people who suffer from allergies and want relief now.

What You Need To Know About TexaClear® Allergy Relief

If you’re an allergy sufferer you’ve probably tried everything on the market to soothe allergy symptoms. TexaClear® Allergy Relief brings something different to the market. We are committed to providing powerful relief from the full spectrum of miserable allergy symptoms. To prove it, here are some things you need to know about TexaClear® Allergy Relief.

Unique Ingredient Combination

Our patented TexaClear® Allergy Relief formula has a unique dual combination of an antihistamine, plus a cough suppressant for effective 8-hour allergy relief. Often times people may not realize coughing is a symptom of seasonal allergies. The cough suppressant in TexaClear® Allergy Relief has local anesthetic and antihistamine propertiesmaking it effective for allergy cough relief.

The Difference Is Clear

We want to get you feeling better with no compromises, so we’ve kicked the junk found in many over-the-counter medicines to the curb. Most medications have additives that attempt to make them look and taste more palatable. TexaClear® Allergy Relief is completely clear and free from added sugars, alcohol, dyes, gluten and even artificial flavors. It’s also decongestant free, which means it will not raise your blood pressure. We just let the medicine speak for itself!

Liquid-Fast Onset

Unlike pills, powders and gummies, liquid doesn’t have to be broken down. Our TexaClear® Allergy Relief formula is absorbed quickly into your system, providing fast relief for your allergy symptoms for up to 8 hours. Allergy symptoms are miserable, but waiting for your medicine to kick-in doesn’t have to be.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe in the speed of our patented allergy formula and offer a Fast or Free money-back guarantee for anyone who isn’t completely satisfied.

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