Trouble Sleeping? Try This Before A Prescription

Are you tossing and turning at night, wanting to drift off but unable to actually make it happen? It’s not uncommon. Sleep problems are so common that big pharmaceutical companies are spending billions developing new prescription solutions to help people sleep. Before you break out the big, guns, though, there may be an over-the-counter sleep aid that’s just as effective as a prescription, but without the big cost and bigger list of side effects.

Think Twice About Your Sleep Aids

Prescription sleep aids can be habit forming, but that’s not the only potentially dangerous side effect these drugs can cause. Everything from sleep walking to even more erratic behavior, like sleep driving, can become an issue for those who take big-name, big-cost sleep drugs. These drugs are a major commitment.

In some cases, those side effects are worth it for folks who have serious health issues and sleep disorders, but for most Texans, better sleep is available over-the-counter. TexaClear® Nighttime Sleep-Aid uses diphenhydramine, a common medicine that’s found in many allergy relief products.

Additive-Free Relaxation

Doctors who know their patients don’t want to go straight to heavy-duty prescriptions often suggest diphenhydramine to patients, but your drugstore options are often riddled with additives such as sugars, dyes, gluten and alcohol. TexaClear® Nighttime Sleep-Aid offers the same active ingredient with none of the added junk, giving you a clean and healthy solution to all your nighttime sleep issues.

Sleep Safe And Easy

TexaClear® Nighttime Sleep-Aid also lacks one potentially dangerous ingredient that many sleep aids include: acetaminophen, a pain relieving and fever reducing medication. Though it’s safe in small, occasional doses, taking acetaminophen too often or in too large of a dose can cause dangerous side effects, including rapid-onset, potentially fatal liver failure. Plus, if you don’t need pain relief, why take pain meds, even if they are over the counter?

When you’re in need of a bedtime sleep solution, there’s a clear winner among all your options on the drugstore shelf or even behind the pharmacy counter. TexaClear® Nighttime Sleep-Aid focuses on sleep only, making it the most efficient choice for your nighttime woes. Plus, it’s made especially for Texans, so you can rest assure you’re getting a product that’s made especially for you.

After a day of Texas-sized stress, you owe it to yourself to get a good night’s sleep. It can be hard to do it alone. Next time you’re tossing and turning, you can reach for your bottle of TexaClear® Nighttime Sleep-Aid and enjoy its fast-acting, additive-free, non-habit forming benefits as you drift off to a peaceful night of deep sleep.