Make Your Little Texans Comfortable On A Sick Day


Watching kids suffer from a particularly nasty bout of cold or flu can be tough, especially if you’re trying to make them comfortable so you can go about your day while they’re home sick from school. Next time your child is sick, try out these solutions to bring him or her some comfort and relief from their illness.

Set Up A Humidifier Friend

Here is one we love

Humidifiers are a great way of providing some respiratory comfort for kids whose congestion is causing the nasal passages and throat to get dry and scratchy. Modern ultrasonic humidifiers require no messy filters to operate, making them an easy solution for busy parents. Best of all, there are plenty of colorful, cute humidifier styles made to look like animals that your kids will just love. From an elephant that releases its humidifying mist from its trunk to a dragon that breathes mist from its nose, your new humidifier will act as a helpful buddy to your sick kid.

Provide Tasty Drinks

Staying hydrated is important at all times, but it’s especially vital while your child is sick. The body needs adequate water intake to fuel the immune system, and the act of swallowing can also help clear out some mucus in the throat, relieving cough and throat pain. If your children aren’t huge fans of drinking plain water, you can make this sick-day beverage more appealing by presenting it in a fun way.

Use a lidded cup with a straw or sippy spout decorated with your child’s favorite characters. You can also use a regular everyday cup decorated with some stickers to help the drink feel more special. You can also pour in a little bit of juice to make the water a bit sweeter and use frozen grapes, orange slices or raspberries to add some flavor and chilling power. If your child really wants to drink something else, like soda or undiluted juice, make a bargain: every cup of water they drink gets them a smaller cup of the drink they really want. You can even add more stickers to the cup for every serving of water they finish.

Make A Fort


Give your kid a little camp where they can be cozy and stay put to avoid spreading germs to the rest of the house. You can set up a corner of the living room or bring a TV or computer into the child’s own bedroom in order to make a movie-viewing station to help distract them from their discomfort. Set up pillows and blankets, and you can even make a tent out of a sheet pinned to the ceiling and walls. Bring in some LED string lights or another source of light to keep the tent from getting too dark. All they’ll need is their water, some tissues and a healthy snack to stay cozy. You can check up on them every so often to make sure they’re comfortable, hydrated and current on their latest dose of TexaClear® Kids’ Daytime Cough & Cold.